A Fa(i/l)ling System?! to those planted behind fancy desks

Failure exists since the existence of Man. Success too. The person or the group of people who fail or succeed are those who have started doing something, those who are actively trying to achieve something, hence, if they hold their ground throughout the phases and steps of the way towards their goals, the result of their activity can only be success, if they don’t, then they have failed. However, if they succeed in some of the stages and fail in others,  the result will depend on how efficiently they deal with their failures and successes in order to find a balance that will minimise their chances of total failure and maximise those of partial success, and this is where resides the value of Man, of groups of people, of systems of governance; their efficiency in actively dealing with failure and success. An inefficient system is a system which contains errors (partial failures) or failed alterations ( inability to find the right balance between failure and success). when inefficiency persists, the inefficient system becomes corrupt . Thus, corruption is a result or a symptom but not a cause of ineficiency.


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