Long Live The People’s Democratic Republic!

”التغيير الحكومي لن يكون بالضرورة بناء على ما حدث، والرئيس له كامل الصلاحية في إجراء تعديل كلي أو جزئي إذا رأى ضرورة لذلك ومتى أراد”

“The government change will not be necessarily based on the last events, and the president has full power to make a full or a partial governmental amendment if he sees a necessity and whenever he wishes”.

These are the words of Mr. Belkhadem that followed the riots which took place from the 3rd to the 7th of the month in more than 20 wilayas. Mr. Belkhadem is the secretary general of the FLN (Front de Liberation Nationale), the party which holds the majority in parliament, he is also the official spokesman of the Algerian president Abdelaaziz Bouteflika.

Before these devastating events, doctors, teachers, students, and many more civil servants made demands for better life and work conditions through peaceful marches  which were faced and silenced by the repression and the sticks of the forces of security, in addition to threats of prosecutions in an atmosphere of total ignorance by the officials of each sector, the heavy media, as well as the total disregard by the presidency. On the other hand, and throughout 2010, the capital Algiers has witnessed a string of violent protests from people living in terrible conditions. These violent protests were more fruitful and many families succeeded in pushing the government to respond by relocating them in “better” places. This step caused more discontent among the families who did not benefit from the same measures, and who claim that the process was made in total opacity and without regard to “priority”. In fact, what the government created was a loop of infinite, ascending violence: clashes broke out between new and old residents of the relocation sites, where forces of security never seemed as keen to restore order!. In the mean time, many families in different cities have resorted to the same option after all channels of communication between the government and the population have been abolished.    

To go back to the words of Mr. Belkhadem, what this declaration suggests is that even this “channel” is no longer valid. The change will not and cannot be driven by the “uprising”, it will not and cannot be driven by the electorate; change is a mere “wish” of the president. Democracy? the people’s democratic republic can wait!!     


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